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Finally dressed to go somewhere

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wearing: white drop earrings / sunglasses / spring lipstick / black dress (under $100) / gemstone bead bracelets ($25 each) / gold chain bracelet / spring nail polish / black shoulder bag / sculpted heel mules /

Can you believe I had the opportunity to dress up and actually go somewhere?! What???? Yes! After twelve months of everything being shut down, my daughter earned an award and there was an actual ceremony, in-person!! I had to pinch myself to ensure this was real!

The ceremony was held in downtown San Jose and capacity was limited inside the venue. We all wore masks, and doors were open to allow airflow from outside. It was a really safe environment, and we were thrilled to be able to watch her get honored in person.

Now that vaccines are underway, we are starting to move towards more normalcy here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I know we are a little behind the rest of the country, but we are getting there! I am looking forward to more things going back to normal, and to be able to enjoy summer with family and friends once again.

It felt amazing to wear this comfortable black dress. This dress is soft and versatile; perfect to wear to an afternoon awards event! I paired the dress with my new sculpted heel slides for spring, which turned out to be comfortable and easy to walk in from the parking lot to the venue two blocks away.

I loved having the chance to rock my new Cleo bag and stack these beautiful gemstone bracelets made by a local San Jose designer. If you haven’t snapped up a few already, be sure to do so! Bracelet stacks are a huge trend right now and these are not only beautiful, they are affordable. Love that!

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Are things opening up where you live? Are you able to go back to some normal activities?

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