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Torn jeans for fall

torn jeans fall 2020

wearing: pale green and gold earrings / fall lipstick / black boxy tee (under $15) / black belt with snake buckle / black bucket bag / torn skinny jeans / fall nail polish / chain link bracelet / loafer slides (similar under $150) /

I cannot believe I am saying this; torn jeans are hot for fall.

We enjoyed a short reprieve from the destroyed denim trend over the past year. That reprieve is over. While I enjoyed looking at clean, intact denim for the past year, there is something about torn denim for fall which intrigues me. Perhaps it is because we are all a little torn inside this year, so seeing torn denim for fall just feels right.

I have to admit, I am loving the character of torn denim. The destroyed knees, and frayed hems, have been in and out of style since I was in middle school. There is something edgy about it; not to mention the tears offer some free air conditioning during the fall months. Fall seems like it would be a cool season, but once the morning fog burns off, we can get temperatures in the 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s. Is it winter yet? Asking for a friend. . .

This pair of torn skinny jeans is super comfortable; and I love the variation of the frayed hems. They work well with both flat and heeled footwear. Right now, while temperatures are still warm, I love pairing them with my loafer slides since it offers a fall vibe, while allowing me to stay cool. If you don’t have a pair of loafer slides yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, they are classic and versatile. You will love them!

I wore this outfit out on a walk with my family in downtown Saratoga. The city “hid” six, large metal acorns around the downtown area, so the kids had fun searching for them. Turned out the “hiding” places were on top of planters or benches. haha We also enjoyed seeing the new parklets for outdoor dining. I was in love with the parklet for The Plumed Horse, pictured above. It had chandeliers! Fabulous!

Shop my early fall outfit online:

The fall 2020 season is also bringing us a 90’s MTV vibe. This oversized, boxy tee is reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop, and I am here for it! After all, us GenX girls made the 90’s happen. My teens may think this is their trend, but it’s really mine and ours. HA! So let’s enjoy the resurgence, and rock our boxy, oversize tee’s, with patchwork denim or torn denim! We got this!

What do you think of the return of torn denim for fall? Will you be rocking this trend?

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destroyed denim for fall 2020