Chloe Aby Lock handbag review

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Pictured: Chloe Aby Lock handbag in lizard-embossed, multi-metallic leather / crystal pie dish /

How fabulous is the new Chloe Aby Lock handbag! As you know, I am a huge Chloe handbag fan. I love 95% of the bags that Chloe sends down the runway. When I spotted the Chloe Aby Lock, I knew I needed one in my life.

The Chloe Aby Lock handbag is a little bit different from other bags Chloe is showing right now. Instead of classic and neutral hues mixed in with seasonal colors, the Chloe Aby Lock is being shown in splashy fabrications, seasonal designs, and downright fun colors. Since metallics are huge for spring 2020, and 2020 in general, I decided to purchase the lizard-embossed, multi-metallic leather option. I am so glad I did, it’s beautiful in person!

Small bags are huge for 2020; so a small, metallic bag hits two of the spring 2020 handbag trends this year. You know I love to double-dip 😉 While this may look like an evening bag, and it does make a fabulous evening bag, it is on-trend enough where it can be paired with casual looks during the day. I look forward to pairing it with printed pants, jeans, and shorts as the weather warms up.

Convertible bags are a great investment. The Chloe Aby Lock can be worn as a shoulder bag with the golden chain out, or it can be worn as a small satchel with the chain tucked in. The chain is thin enough where it doesn’t take up much space when tucked in. As you can see below, my iPhone, wallet, lipstick, and keys can fit inside the bag with some room on top in case I tuck the chain. Of course, the chain would be tucked underneath my purse essentials, not on top, but you get the picture.

Inside the Chloe Aby Lock

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Pictured: Chloe Aby Lock / Wallet (sold out, this one works) / iPhone (case found here) / Chanel spring lipstick /

This bag is on the smaller side, so instead of my larger, daily wallet, I switch to my small wallet which I like to use for small bags and travel. My glasses do not fit inside the bag, so I have to plan ahead if I need my sunglasses. Otherwise, it is quite roomy for a small bag. Many of the bags designers are showing for spring 2020 are really small. The Chloe Aby Lock is small, yet big enough to fit basics such as a small wallet, keys, lipstick, and phone. If anything, it will make you pair things down!

The interior has one slim pocket which is a good size for a few credit cards, and a drivers license. You can also place folded bills inside. This may help if you want to free up space by not carrying a wallet. It also has sturdy fabric lining, which is great for protecting the leather.

Outside the bag, there is a strong and slim chain. The chain is ideal for wearing the Chloe Aby Lock as a shoulder bag. It doesn’t slide off; which is always nice since some chains tend to slide off the shoulder. It is not long enough to wear cross body. If you are looking for a cross body bag, this isn’t it.

You can also wear the chain tucked in. Worn as a small satchel, the Chloe Aby Lock takes on a dressier vibe. This is how I wear it for more formal occasions. I like the shoulder chain strap for daytime looks. Of course, when you’re out and want to free up your hands, the shoulder strap comes in handy.

Hidden exterior mirror underneath the Chloe Aby Lock handbag

hidden mirror chloe aby lock

OK, check this out! There is a mirror, with an indented lock design, underneath the bag! It’s such a nice and discrete way to have a mirror for checking your teeth at dinner! haha The edges of the bag are roughly 1/4 of an inch from the mirror. This allows the body of the bag to protect the mirror, as well as act like feet for the bag. Fun right?

There is also a lock hanging on a small chain on the side of the bag. This lock is for decoration only, it has no use. It’s cute and fun nonetheless.

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What do you think of the Chloe Aby Lock handbag? I am in love with this bag, and feel like it’s a great investment. After the small bag trend is over, this handbag can still be worn as a dressy bag. It has a classic vibe to it. Love that!

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