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Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock online

picturedGabriela Hearst Nina bag /

The elusive Gabriela Hearst Nina bag is actually available now through October 15, 2018! If you are like me, and have been eyeing the hardest handbag on the planet to lay your hands on, then this is  a miracle!

The Gabriela Hearst Nina bag has been the hardest handbag to find for the past three or so years. It’s harder to find than anything by Hermes; and has more IT status than any other IT bag on the market. This is the bag everyone wants, and cannot get.

I was surfing around my favorite online shops to see which new bags were hitting store shelves. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock for a limited time online! The wait list is roughly eighteen months for this bag, and even then, not just anyone can get on the wait list!

There are two sizes available for purchase in the next few days. You can find the regular sized Nina, which I purchased in black, and you can also find the Demi Nina which is $200 less, and slightly smaller. There are several colors available, but they are going fast! My first two choices were already gone by the time I found this goldmine. So, if you are like me, and have been eyeing the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag for the past couple of years, then this is your chance to get your hands on one!

If you are on the fence, I recommend snagging one now, and then you can always return it. They are only in stock until October 15, 2018 and then it’s back to the looooooong wait list.

Shop Gabriela Hearst Nina bag online now through October 15, 2018:

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