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The ultimate no iron shirt for women

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wearing: lipstick / convertible necklace (wearing middle tier) c/o Chico’s (last seen here) / white tank top / blue and white stripe no iron shirt for women c/o Chico’s / mixed metal bracelets / Dior summer nail polish / summer tote bag (full review here) / white and silver watch / fall 2018 jeans / black espadrilles (super comfy and on major sale!!)

One of my least favorite activities to do around the house is the ironing. I have to lug the ironing board out of the laundry room, open it (and mine always sticks), then I have to pull out the iron, heat it up, tell the kids not to run in the house because they will knock it over and die, and then I have to iron out all the wrinkles on an article of clothing only to have it re-wrinkle when someone puts it on or sits in the car. It’s like an endless cycle-much like that run-on sentence of mine explaining why I don’t like to iron!

When I was working with Chico’s on my travel wardrobe for my recent trip to Seattle, they suggested I try out their no iron shirt too. I don’t normally wear men’s style shirts, but the thought of a wrinkle free garment sparked my interest, so I accepted it! My husband has a closet full of wrinkle-free dress shirts he wears for work, which I have always envied, so I wanted one too! His clothing is professional, yet it’s all wash and wear. Why can’t women’s clothing be wash and wear too?

This no iron shirt for women from Chico’s is a dream come true. While it can get an occasional crease from sitting in the car, it doesn’t look like it needs any ironing; and it comes out of the wash wrinkle free. Love that!

The menswear trend is still going strong as we head into the fall season. So, I love being able to wear it now. This shirt is classic, and offers both the menswear look, and feminine appeal. I love the 3/4 sleeves and chic button row on the back. It’s like a classic suit shirt with a twist. This shirt can easily be worn under a blazer during the day at work, then when the blazer is removed, it can carry you into the weekend. Love!

I wore this outfit the other day at Santana Row when I met my friend Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun for lunch at Pizza Antica. It was really comfortable and easy to wear in the hot weather. I’m not as tan as I look in the photo of us together, but maybe we can pretend I am that tan?? haha I really wish I was!

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