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Aveda Essentials for summer

products c/o Aveda: Be Curly / Damage Remedy / Hand Relief / Phomollient Styling Foam/ Shampure Composition Oil / Thickening Tonic / travel size Air Control / Smooth Infusion

Summer hair can be disastrous! If you are like me, you have been spending time in the pool, at the beach, and in the sun this summer. As we know, this can wreak havoc on our hair! I have a few Aveda essentials for combating my beat-up summer hair; so I thought I would share them with you!

I have been using Aveda products for roughly fifteen years. So when Aveda sent me these tester’s to try out, I was really excited! Who doesn’t want to receive one of their favorite brands in the mail!! So let’s chat about why I like each of these products!

Aveda Be Curly is a great product to use after washing curly hair. As you know, I have wavy/straight hair, so this product is a favorite of my youngest daughter. She has extremely curly blond, fine hair. Even though she is ten years old, she takes her hair care seriously; and refuses to use anything on her hair not made for curly hair. She has become addicted to Aveda’s Be Curly because it helps her keep her curl after she combs her hair. She washes her hair every two to three days. Without using Be Curly, her curls get combed out and look frizzy. When she uses Be Curly, she can comb her hair and her curls bounce back to where they should. It is as if she used curlers in the morning; but she didn’t! This is the best product for curly hair; definite must-have!

I have been using Aveda Damage Remedy for several years. I only use it in the summer; typically starting in July when my hair starts to look dull from my fun in the sun. It is a great leave-in conditioner which restores my hair to what it looks like the rest of year; undamaged! This is my ultimate summer-must-have for combating sun damaged hair.

This is the first time I have tried Aveda’s Hand Relief hand cream. Looks like I have a new favorite hand cream! It keeps my hands moisturized without drying or leaving a film. I love a good non-greasy hand cream! It’s my new addiction.

Aveda Shampure Composition oil is not shampoo, it is a bath oil. It is also great for cleansing your scalp. I use it on my scalp about once a month, but my daughter uses it more often in the bathtub for soft skin. If you have a bath-loving daughter, I recommend getting a big bottle!

How cute is this travel sized Air Control by Aveda! I use this hair spray on special occasions, and humid days. It is great for controlling frizz and keeping my hair in place. Love!

The Thickening Tonic, Smoothe Infusion, and Phomollient Styling Foam are great products to have on hand for your hair care arsenal. I highly recommend them!

What are your favorite hair care products by Aveda?

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*thank you Aveda for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own