What’s in my beach bag

pictured from left: pink beach bag / metallic espadrilles / book “The Constant Princess” / portable phone charger / sunglasses / striped bikini / body butter / sunscreen lip balm / Neutrogena sun block / sun hat (old, also love this hat under $20)

Beach season is here! Can I get a “heck yeah!” As my kids get older, I can finally get excited about beach season again. I no longer need to lug around a truckload of baby gear, diapers, and more. Now that my kids are all school-age, with one being a teen, they are self-sufficient at the beach. They even carry their own gear! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Since I am back in the “traveling light” camp, I can go to the beach with my bare essentials. If you are transitioning from little kids with lots of gear, to the one bag, lightweight stage, then this might help you decide what to pack in your Mom beach bag too. These are my essentials for a beach day with my kids; who carry their own gear. Yes!

Beach tote: A fabulous beach tote is essential to traveling light. The tote needs to be large enough to carry everything, without being overly bulky. I love this one from Boutique Mexico. It is the perfect size.

Espadrilles: If you have tried wearing shoes on the beach before, then you know shoes have no place on the beach; and don’t even think about wearing flip-flops, they flip off! The only shoes which work on the sand are espadrilles. I always have a flat pair to wear on the beach. You can protect your feet from hot sand, or trash left behind by annoying people, with a good pair of espadrilles. They are also easy to shake out after your beach day is done.

A good book: Older kids can entertain themselves. Therefore, you can relax! A good book is a great way to relax while your kids build a sand castle. If you are reading a book with your kids at the beach, just make sure you can still see your kids. The last thing you want is for one of  them to decide the ocean looks like a swimming pool and start running out of your sight. Always be ready to intervene.

Portable phone charger: The beach offers a lot of photo ops, and if your kids are like my kids, they like to take videos of their sand castles, and of each other. Always carry a back-up battery for your phone.

Striped swimwear: Striped swimsuits are hotter then hot this season. You want to be the most fashionable mom on the beach right? Then it is settled! You must wear a striped suit! I’m living in this bikini for summer, but here are a few more striped swimsuit options you might love:

Body butter: The sun, the salt sea, and chlorine from the pool; these are all causes of dry, summer skin. I combat summer skin with LaVanila Body Butter. It works like a charm! See my full review here.

Sunscreen lip balm: Your lips need sunscreen too. I can’t live without this one.

Neutrogena sunscreen: This is a fabulous, non-greasy sunscreen. I love it for both myself and my kids.

Sunglasses: No beach trip is complete without a fabulous pair of sunglasses which not only protect your eyes from harsh rays, they show the world that the beach is your runway. Twirl girl!

A fabulous sun hat: Your Giants cap is for baseball games, the beach is for dramatic sun hats! Wear something fabulous, you deserve it; especially since your daughter might try to bury your son in the sand again. Oh snap! Why not look fabulous while scolding your children? Twirl again!

I also bring a foldable beach blanket, which you can see in my recent Tahoe vacation post. Another option is to bring an umbrella and folding chair; although, those will not fit in your beach bag.

That’s it! That’s all your really need in addition to a small first aid kit, water, and snacks. What are some things you like to ensure are in your beach bag this summer?

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the beach!



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