Channeling vacation in Tulum at a work conference

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Wearing: Kendra Scott earrings / Chanel sunglasses / Chanel spring lipstick / white ruffle tee (under $20 & also in black!) / rose gold cuff bracelet / wood watch c/o Jord / Chanel summer nail polish / Cult Gaia Ark bag / DVF skirt / pink espadrille wedges

Channeling vacation in Tulum, Mexico! Last week I attended a conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference was hosted by rewardStyle which is a media and affiliate marketing company geared towards fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. The conference is known throughout social media as #rsTheCon if you would like to search the hashtag for pictures.

I was so excited to receive an invitation to the conference. There are only about two hundred spots available and they are tough spots to come by! So, I definitely felt honored to be included. As with any business conference, there were classes and networking opportunities with both brands and bloggers. It was really fun to meet some bloggers I know through social media, but have never had the chance to meet in person. While education at a conference is must-have for your business, making new friends who can become your support group is a goldmine. Love it!

So you might be asking yourself, why is she channeling Tulum at a work conference in Dallas? Well, on day one of the conference all we did was check-in, meet-and-greet with other attendees, and celebrate being there at a pool party! The theme of the pool party was “Escape to Tulum” and it was sponsored by Sole Society, so it was super fun! Hence my outfit, channeling a vacation in Tulum 😉

Surprisingly, this is not what I planned to wear to this event. The original dress I planned to wear didn’t work out for the party, so I decided to wear this outfit instead which I had originally planned to wear on day three of the conference. It worked out perfectly since it was fairly warm and humid at the pool party, and this skirt breathes! Love!

Circling back to the original dress; when I tried it on at home I thought the bra I packed would be OK, but it totally showed through! Eeeek! I can’t go around like that!! So, the dress will have to come home with me and get worn another time. But, that wasn’t my only packing snafu. I forgot to pack my eye-shadow brush, and my black wedges. Ugh! I am usually really good about following my packing list, but somehow I screwed up this time. Has this ever happened to you?

Thank you so much for stopping by, and stay tuned for more coverage of my escapades at conference!

*photos by Alison/Wardrobe Oxygen

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5 thoughts on “Channeling vacation in Tulum at a work conference

  • Jacquie

    Very recent trip to Cozumel, Mx. for a week, I forgot my glasses! Glasses I wear every waking minute! Astigmatic correction. Before we left the house to take BART to SFO for a red-eye flight, I had taken a nap in a darkened room. When I got up my husband was still sleeping, so I stumbled around in the dark and my brain told me I could not see because it was dark, not because I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have them until I reach the BART station! Too late to go back. Fortunately I am far-sighted, so I was able to make do with my hubby’s readers when necessary, and I had my corrective sunglasses, which were great for daytime but not after sundown. Talk about forgetting things! Sheeesh!

    • Bay Area Fashionista Post author

      Oh my goodness, I would die if I forgot my glasses! I am so blind without them. I have an astigmatism too. It sounds like a beautiful vacation anyway tho! Good thing his readers worked out! Thank you for sharing and stopping by!!


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