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Jord Watch review and coupon code

jord watches review jord watches review jord watches review

Pictured: wood watch c/o Jord Watches / dress / ring / bag / shoes

One of the big trends in watches right now is the wood watch. Wooden watches have a reason to popular; they are lightweight, functional, and have a fresh look regular metal just cannot achieve. Love that!

I was thrilled when Jord Watches reached out to collaborate on a review. Some of my friends have Jord Watches and I have been eyeing them. I love the wood finish, the natural composition, and the fabulous look of a wooden watch. Jord really does a great job finishing the wood, styling the watch, and incorporating beautiful watch faces into the wood. LOVE!!!

My watch is the Zebrawood and Champagne watch from the Frankie collection. I love this collection! The Frankie has a larger watch face, which is the hot trend in women’s watches right now; and they have a sleek yet natural design. The Zebrawood has beautiful grains, and I love the medium to dark hue of the wood. The champagne watch face blends perfectly with the Zebrawood creating a rich looking, unique watch. I am obsessed!

In addition to a beautiful watch, Jord also offers personalization. This makes Jord Watches a great gift idea for special events, birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, and something from the men’s collection for Father’s Day.

Of course Jord Watches aren’t just pretty arm decorations, they keep time; fabulous time! I have been watching my Jord Watch against my iPhone clock and it stays true. It is always nice when you don’t have to adjust your watch periodically!

Since I love Jord Watches so much, I am hosting a contest with Jord Watches! You can enter to be the one lucky winner of a $100 gift code (coupon code), and everyone who enters will receive a $25 coupon code at the end of the entry period. The codes are good now through May 31, 2017. Love that! You can enter on Jord’s website; please click here to enter now through March 19, 2017.

To learn more about Jord Watches, please visit their website at WoodWatches.com.

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