Diorific Golden nail polish holidays 2016 review

diorific golden nail polish holidays 2016 diorific golden nail polish holidays 2016

Pictured: Diorific Golden nail polish from the Dior holidays 2016 beauty collection. Top photo taken in bright shade, bottom photo taken in the sun  during golden hour.

I am hooked on Diorific nail polish! Golden by Dior from the Diorific nail polish collection, is a limited edition, sparkling gold nail color perfect for celebrating the holiday season.

Diorific Golden nail polish is a soft, sparkling gold color which is easy to wear with any color metal jewelry. The gold is a soft hue which blends well with silver, rose gold, and of course, yellow gold metals. This makes Golden by Dior perfect to wear not only during the holiday season, but throughout the winter season, and into spring; where metallic hues are an important fashion trend.

Dior nail polish is long lasting, and applies evenly. I tested Diorific Golden nail polish out with one base coat, and two coats of color. I ran out of my top coat, so no top coat! Without the top coat, Diorific Golden lasted a full week without chipping! My nails grew, which is why I took off the polish. Love that!

The holiday nail polish collection by Dior is flying off the shelves, and it is limited edition. If you love this color, you can find Diorific Golden nail polish in stock online here, and online here.

Happy holidays, and stay sparkly 😉