Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch review

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Pictured: Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch in navy blue suede.

The new Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch is a hot, new, handheld handbag style from iconic handbag design team Mansur Gavriel. This vintage inspired, frame clutch was introduced for the first time in the spring 2016 season during fashion week, and it is already showing signs of “hotness.” Love it!

The Volume Clutch by Mansur Gavriel offers a classic, vintage vibe which is simple and reminiscent of times past. When one first lays eyes upon Mansur Gavriel’s Volume Clutch, memories start to emerge of seeing one’s Grandmother carrying a similar clutch, and looking elegant, refined, and beautiful.

This modern version of the classic frame clutch offers an interior pocket, which is perfect for modern items such as an iPhone, or keyless entry device for our vehicles. The roomy interior provides plenty of space for everything we carry around in modern day; without sacrificing that vintage, timeless appeal which is making this clutch so highly sought-after.

The Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch is easy to carry and lightweight. The suede is strong, and can handle a heavy load. Like other handbags by Mansur Gavriel, the Volume Clutch is extremely well-made. The stitching and materials will withstand a lifetime of use; and perhaps someday we will be the elegant Grandmother carrying our beautiful Volume Clutches by Mansur Gavriel.

I absolutely adore my Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch. I chose the navy blue color because navy is such a great alternative to black. Navy is also one of my favorite colors to wear. It works well during all four seasons, and blends easily with so many color palettes. I am looking forward to wearing my Volume Clutch by Mansur Gavriel season after season.

The Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch plays well with any type of attire. I love how it makes a casual, denim and tee-shirt outfit look elegant and polished. I also love how it can be paired with dressier attire for the theater, or for a dinner event. Since the clutch is roomy, I can easily carry everything I need for a night out on town inside the handbag. Love!

This is definitely a handbag to get your hands on now. If you have been looking for a versatile clutch which works for daytime, and evening occasions, this is the clutch! It offers clean lines, a roomy interior, comfortable weight for carrying, and it is beautiful. The Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch is the perfect investment purchase for right now, and to cherish for a lifetime.

Mansur Gavriel’s Volume Clutch is currently in stock! Of course, like other handbags by Mansur Gavriel, the clutch is selling quickly, and will soon sell out. Then, the clutch will be waitlist only. If you are eyeing this fabulous clutch, act quickly!

You can find the Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch online here, here and here.

If the color you want is sold out, you can watch this site, this site, this site, and this site for their pre-orders to pop up for the following season.

I hope you love your clutch as much as I do! I rate the Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch five out of five stars!

Mansur Gavrel’s Volume Clutch online:

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