How to stick to your fitness routine

how to stay motivated with your fitness routine

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Do you ever trouble staying motivated when it comes to your fitness routine? Do you need ideas about how to stick to your fitness routine? You are not alone! Sticking to a workout regime, and staying motivated, can be hard! I have had days when I would rather stay home, or do something else besides workout; but I have to overcome those thoughts and keep my workout schedule. It is not just your weight that you are trying to maintain with fitness, it is staying heart healthy; and healthy overall!

There are so many things which can get in the way of staying motivated to workout. Sometimes you feel tired, sometimes you are sore; these are not good excuses! When you are tired, a workout can invigorate you, and give you energy. How cool is that?! When you are sore, just workout a different set of muscles, or do a low impact workout such as a treadmill walk or yoga.

Set goals: The best way to stay on track with your workout is to find the triggers which motivate you! Are you trying to lose weight? Get a bikini body for summer? Stay at your current weight? Train for an event such as marathon, or swimming across the bay to Alcatraz? Whatever your motivation for staying fit, use it to motivate you!

Leave Reminders: It may sound cliché, but posting photos or notes with your fitness goals on the refrigerator door, front door, bathroom mirror, or closet door, will remind you of what you are working towards. I keep a pair of skinny jeans in plain sight in my closet to remind me of my weight goals. This keeps me motivated to wake up early on Saturdays and get to the gym. It also keeps me motivated to get out there during the week and run, swim, play tennis, or workout at the gym. My Mom leaves notes around her house to remind her of her fitness goals, and keep on track. Use what works to motivate you!

Reward System: The reward system is a great way to stay motivated to keep fit. For every pound you lose, why not reward yourself with something? Perhaps give yourself points towards a big purchase such as a handbag or piece of jewelry. If you want to lose ten pounds, give yourself a point per pound, when you reach ten pounds buy the prize! Or take a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go when you reach your goal weight. If you are trying to lose over thirty pounds, you can have millstone prizes for every ten pounds, and then a grand prize for the entire amount! Try not to reward yourself with sweet treats, this could throw off your calorie count, and set you back a few days.

Friendship Fitness:  Do you have a friend or relative with similar fitness goals? Why not go it together! You can easily stay motivated to workout when you have to meet your friend at a certain time. You don’t want to be a flake who no-shows for a workout! For shame! I have a friend I meet every Monday on the treadmill. We get in some cardio, ab work, and we enjoy talking to each other. The ninety minutes we workout flies by!

Take a class: If money is not an issue, sign up for a short-term personal training, or group workout class such as The Bay Club’s “Slim in Seven.” You will be in a class you paid dearly for, with a trainer who will push you to the limit, and you will meet other like-minded people who have similar fitness goals. Not only will you stay motivated, you will lose some weight, increase your fitness level, and make new friends! Fabulous!

Get Sporty: Do you like team sports? Do you like swimming, or tennis? If you already have the skills, join a team, and train your way to your fitness goals. If you have always wanted to learn a sport, then join a group lesson. You will have fun while exercising, meet new friends, and learn a fabulous new sport which you can eventually compete in, and stay fit for many years to come! I did this after having my second child. I took some tennis lessons, joined my club’s tennis team, made a ton of new friends, and had fun! It keeps you motivated because you don’t want to miss a class or lesson you already paid for, and when you join a team, you cannot let them down by not showing up; you will find yourself motivated, fit, and having a blast!

These are ways I stay motivated in order to help me stick to my fitness routine, and get my workouts in. What are some ways you stay motivated to stick to your routine?

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