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Chanel Troublante nail polish for winter

chanel troublante nail polish winter 2016 review

Pictured: Chanel Troublante nail polish for winter

Chanel Troublante nail polish is a remarkable nail color for the winter season. This color changing nail polish appears to be a metallic burgundy from some angles, and in other angles it turns into a dark gold. At some moments, all nails appear gold or burgundy, then a second later each nail takes on it’s own color. Love that!

Chanel is always on the cutting edge of color when it comes to nail polish. With Chanel Troublante nail polish, the iconic design house has outdone themselves. Troublante is setting a new standard for metallic nail polish; I am in love!

I love how Chanel Troublante nail polish offers a holiday look for the winter months. The gold and burgundy color changing properties make for a festive hue! This polish will look amazing this season,  not only with winter apparel, but with holiday attire too!

I tested out Chanel Troublante nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The nail polish lasted a full week until my nails started growing and I needed to change the color; the longevity is due mainly to this fabulous top coat.

If you want to spice up Chanel Troublante nail polish with a bit of glitz, Chanel Le Top Coat Lame  Rouge is a great way to add some golden glimmer to this polish. The small golden specks will add festive sparkle to this party-ready nail polish hue. Read my review of Chanel Le Top Coat Lame Rouge here.

I am looking forward to wearing Chanel Troublante nail polish this holiday season, and during the winter months too! It is such an unique shade. This makes it a great way to brighten up a dreamy winter day! Love that!

Chanel Troublante nail polish for the winter season can be found online here, and here.