Boxy handbags for fall 2015

boxy satchels for fall 2015


Pictured from top left: black box bag (under $300!)/ lips box bag / green box bag / burgundy boxy satchel / black boxy satchel / pink bag inside a black boxy satchel

Fall 2015 has an answer to those who are not really into the bucket bag trend; the boxy satchel trend. Box bags and boxy satchels are a hot trend for the fall 2015 season. They are the alter ego to the relaxed, slouchy, drawstring bag trend which has reigned supreme over the past few seasons. 

While a drawstring bucket bag looks fabulous with a casual ensemble on Saturday afternoon, it does not compliment a structured look during the week, when dressed for the office, the theater, or dinner. Fall 2015 has brought us the perfect answer to this handbag dilemma; the boxy satchel.

Box-like bags for fall 2015 are being shown in two distinct forms; the medium satchel, and the small boxy bag.

Medium boxy satchels, in rectangular and square forms, are ideal for the office, and daytime events. They have a wide width, allowing them to be stuffed to the brim with everything plus the kitchen sink. Boxy satchels offer two top handles, a roomy interior, oftentimes they offer multiple sections, and a neat, structured look for structured attire. Love that!

Fall 2015’s box bags are smaller in stature than their boxy satchels sisters, and beg to be carried to fundraisers, dinners, and more formal affairs. Box bags can be found in small, or mini sizes, in both casual, and formal forms. These smaller box bags tend to offer one top handle, and sometimes will feature a detachable shoulder strap. They can be found in one color, bi-color, decorated with kitschy words or pictures, or embellished with jewels, beadwork, and more! The embellished versions are like boho-chic meets uptown flair. Love it!

Boxy satchels and box bags offer a vintage vibe for fall 2015, reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s. They transcend decades when paired with this season’s 1970’s styles, or an a-line miniskirt or flippy skirt.

What do you think of this emerging trend in handbags? Will you seek one out to use as your alternative this fall to your beloved bucket bag?

Box bags and boxy satchels for fall 2015:

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