Molton Brown body wash review

Molton-Brown-Travel-Size-Shower-Gel-Set_MBG203_XLPictured: Molton Brown body wash travel set

Molton Brown’s collection of bath and shower gels offer beautiful scents infused into a luxurious gel which is moisturizing, and gets you squeaky clean. Love that!

I use Molton Brown’s bath and shower gel every morning when I take a shower. Every time I use up a bottle, I always find a new scent to buy for my replacement bottle. It is entirely possible I have used every scent Molton Brown produces!

Now that my kids are in elementary school, it has become easier to travel with them. This means I have had to keep a good stock of travel bath products on hand for weekend getaways by car, and air-travel. My go-to brand for travel toiletries has become Molton Brown. They have everything I need in travel sizes! My favorite travel kit is this one, it has my daily shampoo and conditioner from home, but in travel sizes! The kit also has two shower gel bottles which smell fantastic. It is the ideal travel kit!

Molton Brown’s travel kits are also ideal for gift giving. The kits come in either a beautiful gift box, or travel bag. This makes the gift presentation as fabulous as the products themselves. Love that!

As we head into warmer weather, why not try out a new, fresh scent for your shower from Molton Brown! Here are a few of my favorites from Molton Brown. Also, be sure to check out for the entire collection!

*Thank you to Molton Brown for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  • Ariel G.

    I like thier hand cream. I will have to try thier bath gel. I like the idea of the travel kits, I always get annoyed with hotel shampoo lol

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