Sweaters for winter 2015

sweaters for winter 2015

Pictured: White turtleneck sweater / Waterfall sweater / Black poncho / Black asymmetrical sweater / Navy sweater

Winter 2015 is fast approaching; this means it is time to think about sweaters! I love sweaters in the cold winter months. They are cozy, soft and comfortable. But, just because they can be softer than a baby blanket, does not mean we have to sacrifice style to be comfy, cozy and warm!

Thankfully, for winter 2015, designers have created beautiful and sassy sweater styles to keep us warm, cozy and fabulous! Love that! There are four distinct trends in sweaters for the winter 2015 season for us to watch for, and wear; waterfall sweaters, ponchos, chunky turtlenecks and embellished pull-overs. While waterfall cardigans and ponchos tend to be casual, turtlenecks and embellished pull-overs can easily be worn casually with jeans, or spiced up with leather leggings for a night out on the <freezing!> town.

My favorite sweater trend for the winter 2015 season is the waterfall sweater. I love how waterfall sweaters drape, and they are not too warm; which is ideal for our moderate winter weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, I do not spend my entire winter season basking in the 60 degree weather of the Bay Area; which I can be found whining about because to me it is cooooold! So, for trips to Tahoe or other cold weather places, I love chunky turtlenecks.

Which sweater styles and trends are your favorite for this upcoming cold weather season?

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