Chanel Exception nail polish late fall 2014 review

Chanel Exception nail polish fall 2014

Pictured: Chanel Exception nail polish from the late fall 2014 collection.

Chanel Exception is one of three nail polish hues from Chanel’s late fall 2014 beauty collection. The nail polish collection features classic hues in burgundy, red and dark nude. Exception is a pretty, mid-burgundy color which offers a flat, timeless hue.

Burgundy is arguably the most important color of the classic autumn hue spectrum. Every fall season we enjoy clothing and accessories in vibrant shades of burgundy, oxblood and maroon. Therefore, it is no wonder that a fall nail polish hue should be part of any nail polish collection. Chanel rarely offers a burgundy in their red nail polish collection. Normally, Chanel offers every shade of classic red imaginable; without crossing into burgundy territory. Although there have been a few burgundy’s over the past decade, it has not been offered as much as classic red.

Exception by Chanel is a beautiful nail polish hue which is both classic and ideal for the current season. This pretty interpretation of burgundy is easy to wear and works well with all of autumn’s hues. Chanel Exception nail polish is also a great investment color to keep in ones’ nail polish collection. 

I tested out Chanel Exception nail polish with one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. The nail polish held up really well and did not chip until the sixth day. Love that!

Chanel Exception nail polish from the late fall 2014 beauty collection can be found online here and here.

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