Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in new colors!

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Pictured: c/o Laura Mercier. “Caviar Stick’s” in Tuxedo and Burnished Bronze. Second photo features Laura Mercier’s six new “Caviar Stick” hues; Tuxedo (matte), Peacock, Gilded Gold, Burnished Bronze, Moonlight, and Copper.

Laura Mercier has an eye make-up product named the “Caviar Stick.” If you are familiar with Laura Mercier’s products, then you already know how amazing and fabulous the “Caviar Stick” can be. If not, let me tell you all about one of my favorite beauty products on the market today; and the fact that Laura Mercier has introduced six new colors!

Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick” is an eye make-up tool which can be used as eyeliner or a substitute for eye shadow. The thick stick applies smoothly and evening; drying into a smudge-proof line after roughly 20 seconds. Love that! Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick” is also water resistant and stays put even when perspiring on a warm day or working out.

My favorite “Caviar Stick” color has been “Cocoa” for the past three years. I wear Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick” in “Cocoa” on a daily basis; many times without mascara or eye shadow. The color is dazzling and the “Caviar Stick” offers enough glamour on its’ own to be worn with casual through dressy eye make-up applications.

The six new colors Laura Mercier has introduced are Tuxedo (matte), Peacock, Gilded Gold, Burnished Bronze, Moonlight, and Copper. These beautiful new colors are a great addition to the “Caviar Stick” by Laura Mercier collection. They will blend well with fall 2014’s metallic and autumn hue color trends; working perfectly with any Fashionista’s fall wardrobe! Love it!

Laura Mercier was kind enough to send me “Burnished Bronze” and “Tuxedo” from the new “Caviar Stick” color collection. I am looking forward to brightening up my eyes with these beautiful new hues! “Tuxedo” is the first-ever matte version of Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick.” It offers a dramatic and glamorous finish which is perfect for evening occasions and any occasion which calls for a dramatic eye! I love the “Burnished Bronze” for daytime and casual wear. It is a really pretty color and adds a little, subtle sparkle. I will also continue to use classic “Cocoa” as my go-to “Caviar Stick” for a natural, brown line.

If you have not tried Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick” yet, you must try it! I use Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick” on a daily basis and cannot imagine life without it! Laura Mercier’s “Caviar Stick'” collection, including the six new colors, Tuxedo (matte), Peacock, Gilded Gold, Burnished Bronze, Moonlight, and Copper, can be found online here, here and here.


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