Green for fall 2014

One of the hottest color trends for the fall 2014 season is green. That’s right! The vibrant hue which claimed color of the year back in 2013, has turned out to be one of the most important color trends for the last season of 2014.

Unlike in 2013, when Emerald green rained supreme, green for fall 2014 is being shown in every shade imaginable. Bright apple green, emerald, and olive hues are dominating store shelves for the upcoming cool weather season. While not dominant on the runways for fall 2014, shades of green were favored by store buyers for the autumn season and have found their way onto store shelves everywhere.

Shades of green are being shown worn together or paired with dark fall neutrals such as brown, charcoal and black. Green is being shown on everything including apparel, shoes, handbags and jewelry. The green trend can be worn as a full ensemble look, or as an accent color to an otherwise neutral toned outfit.

Green will also be a great alternative to classic black this fall 2014 season for special occasions, evening looks and gala gowns. Green will also be a great way to brighten up casual daytime looks.

I found a few fabulous green items for the fall 2014 season around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them!

What is your favorite way to wear this upcoming fall 2014 season?

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