Skindinavia makeup primer review

DSC_0126Pictured: c/o Skindinavia “The Makeup Primer” spray

Skindinavia “The Makeup Primer Spray” is a vitamin-based primer which is applied on top of your moisturizer/face cream, and before your foundation. The idea behind the primer is that it creates a smooth surface for foundation which, in turn, allows foundation to apply evenly and create a clear, smooth complexion. 

There has been a new trend in makeup, where products, such as primer, foundation, and more, are being offered in a spray; making application easier than with the traditional bottle. Skindinavia’s “The Makeup Primer” is an easy to use spray-on primer which applies evenly, and allows the perfect base for foundation. 

I tested out Skindinavia’s “The Makeup Primer,” which also controls oil, in both eighty and ninety degree weather. It worked like a charm! My foundation did not melt and my make-up stayed smooth all day. Skindinavia’s “The Makeup Primer” is a lightweight, silicone-free makeup primer which does not clog pores. Love that! It is also loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and Skindinavia’s “temperature-control” technology which helps keep your skin at an even temperature.

Skindinavia’s “The Makeup Primer” is ideal for the warm summer months and perfect when you need your foundation to look smooth and fresh; and isn’t that everyday?!

Skindinavia’s “The Makeup Primer” can be found online at


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  • Ariel G.

    This sounds really cool. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I need a primer when I dress up for special events. I will check out their website.

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