Father’s Day 2014 at Santana Row: Gift Ideas and more!

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014 and now is the perfect time to think about finding the ideal gift for Dad; as well as plan a special day for him! Santana Row offers so many fabulous ways to make Father’s Day special. Not only are there several shops to find the perfect gift for Dad, there are restaurants and activities which will make him feel special and appreciated. Love that!

Below you will find fabulous ways to make Father’s Day special; and you will also find our hand-picked gift ideas to show Dad how much you love him!

The way to Dad’s heart is through his stomach!


Why not start the day off with a delicious meal at LB Steak! Dad will appreciate not having to BBQ on his special day; and he will love the view from the outdoor seating at LB Steak. After all, it is the perfect place to sit and watch exotic cars drive onto the Row!

For reservations, please visit OpenTable.com or call 1-408-244-1180.

Is Dad vegetarian or vegan? Never fear, Veggie Grill is here! Veggie Grill has a large selection of vegan and gluten free items which are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of Dads. You do not need a reservation for Veggie Grill, you can walk right in! I highly recommend the “Santa Fe  Crispy Chickin'” it is amazing! For more information about Veggie Grill, please visit VeggieGrill.com.

Gift for the Dad who loves luxury

gucci_1 gucci_1_01 gucci_1_02 gucci_1_03

From top: sunglasses / bi-fold wallet, continental wallet, / loafers / drivers

Does Dad have a taste for luxury? Of course he does! Gucci has a large selection of gift ideas for Father’s Day which impress even the hardest to impress Dad. The Italian luxury design house is filled with shoes, tie’s, small leather goods, luggage, hats and more. It is the perfect destination to find that special something for the Dad who appreciates timeless appeal, and quality goods.

To learn more about Gucci, please visit the store located at the opening of Santana Row or call 1-408-557-9926.

For the Dad who likes a good thrill

tesla_1 tesla_1_01 tesla_1_03 tesla_1_06 tesla_1_09 tesla_1_10 tesla_1_11

Do you notice Dad’s head whipping around every-time an exotic car passes by? Does Dad count the number of Tesla’s which drive past him on a daily basis and wonder when he too can drive the most innovative automobile on the road? Of course he does! Why not give Dad the gift of driving a Tesla! Even if it is just for a test drive 😉 

Give Dad the thrill he has been seeking by scheduling a free test drive on Father’s Day at Tesla Motors Santana Row! He will love the quiet engine, the engineering and the fact that Tesla runs on electricity! No oil or gas; love that!

To learn more about Tesla, and to schedule a test drive, please call Tesla Motors at Santana Row, 1-408-249-2815.

Dress Dad right for his test drive:

tesla_1_02 tesla_1_04 tesla_1_07

Dad will definitely need a mug for his morning coffee, and a Tesla tee-shirt for his thrilling Father’s Day on Santana Row! So why not give Dad a Tesla gift! He can bring his reusable Tesla coffee mug to Peet’s for his morning cup of jo, and he can wear his new Tesla tee-shirt for his scheduled test drive after lunch at LB Steak! Now THAT, is a perfect Father’s Day!

To learn more about Tesla’s products, please visit the showroom at Santana Row or call 1-408-249-2815

Dress Dad for the job he wants:

brooks brothers_1_01 brooks brothers_1_02 brooks brothers_1_05 brooks brothers_1_06 brooks brothers_1_07

From top: Guides / Tie’s / Fragrances / Shirts / Polos

It is no secret that one should always dress for the job one wants; not the job one has. Therefore, it is time Dad’s closet was filled with new clothing for work from Brooks Brother’s! Whether Dad wears suits to work or casual polo shirts, Brooks Brothers has the right clothing for him. 

Brooks Brother’s has a large assortment of tie’s, shirts, dress shirts and polo shirts in every color imaginable. Dad will love receiving a practical gift for Father’s Day which will make him feel more confident at work.

Of course, etiquette can go a long way. Brooks Brother’s is stocked with the perfect guides to being a gentleman. Dad will appreciate these guides as they will help him both socially and professionally. 

After enjoying a closet full of new clothing, Dad will need to finish his look off with the right scent. Therefore, give Dad the gift of fragrance for Father’s Day! Brooks Brother’s is well stocked with woody scents, leathery cologne, and crisp green fragrances for the summer months.

To learn more about the amazing selection of gift ideas for Father’s Day at Brooks Brother’s, please visit Brooks Brother’s at Santana Row or call 1-408-244-1815.

For the Dad on the go:

tumi_1 tumi_1_01 tumi_1_02 tumi_1_03 tumi_1_04 tumi_1_05

From top: iPad Cases / Briefcase / Keyboard / iPhone Cases / Ketel One Vodka Kit

Does Dad love to travel? Then Tumi has the perfect Father’s Day gift for him! Tumi has a large selection of luggage which is made to sustain even the heaviest of travel. In addition to luggage, Tumi has the perfect high-tech gadget cases as well as the ultimate gift for man on the go; the Ketel One Vodka Mixology Kit.

Tumi’s Ketel One Vodka Mixology Kit features everything Dad will need to make the perfect drinks on the go. He will love unwinding after a long day of travel and meetings with his very own drink kit. Imagine the places he can take it and mix drinks! Not only will the Ketel One Vodka Mixology Kit be the perfect way to have a little fun while traveling, it can add fun and luxury to music festivals, picnics, the beach, pool parties and more! Imagine the possibilities. . .

To learn more about Father’s Day gift idea from Tumi, please visit the Tumi store located at Santana Row or call 1-408-244-6512.


There you have it! The perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day and the perfect way to make the day special. Thank you to all the Dad’s out there and have a Happy Father’s Day!

To learn more about Santana Row, please visit SantanaRow.com.

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