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Photo: Core Collection: c/o Jack Black. Includes Face Moisturizer, Beard Lube and Daily Facial Cleanser.

Starting your day the right way with Jack Black’s Core Collection

By Rob O’Brien

Today I started my day by using Jack Black’s Core Collection.  I was excited to have the opportunity to test these fine products.  The Jack Black Core Collection contains three grooming products:

  • Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser
  • Beard Lube
  • Face Moisturizer

First, I started by washing my face with the Jack Black facial cleanser.  The cleanser went on my face very smoothly.  It felt good on my skin, and I could feel it cleansing my face.  After rinsing, my face was soft and squeaky clean.  I could smell the sage scent which was pleasant yet still masculine.  Next, it was time for a refreshing shave.  I used the Jack Black Beard Lube to properly prepare my face for shaving.  The beard lube went on smoothly and was not too gooey.   I had no problems shaving my face, even though it had been over two days since my previous shave.  After I was done shaving, my face was very smooth with a slight smell of eucalyptus.  Then I applied the face moisturizer.  The moisturizer went on very well.  I was able to easily rub the moisturizer into my face without much effort.  My face felt soft and refreshed.  An additional benefit was that the moisturizer also acted as SPF 20 sunscreen.  This is a nice benefit of skin protection from the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays.  And since I was taking a drive in a convertible, the face moisturizer definitely fit the bill for what I needed that day.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Jack Black Core Collection.  The Core Collection was effective in preparing my face in a refreshing way.  I recommend Jack Black’s Core Collection highly for those that want a clean and energized face to start their day.

Jack Black’s Core Collection is priced at $52 and can be found online here and here.

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  • Jenny B.

    I love the introduction of a male figure into this blog! Thank you Rob for the detailed review on the Jack Black core collection, will definitely consider this set as a Father’s Day gift (and thanks to you, I’m not procrastinating on that!)

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