Laura Mercier Butterfly Wings nail polish review


Pictured: Nail Polish: c/o Laura Mercier Butterfly Wings two coats color, one base coat. Photo taken outside in cloudy weather.

Laura Mercier’s new “Butterfly Wings” nail polish offers an on trend, yet classic look. One of the biggest trends in fashion right now is the iridescent look. Iridescent hues have been popping up on everything from handbags to shoes to clothing; and of course on nail polish! Laura Mercier’s “Butterfly Wings” offers that “of-the-moment” iridescent look in a classic, cool pink which is edgy and sleek.

“Butterfly Wings” by Laura Mercier is perfect for the winter 2014 season, the holiday 2013 season; and as we move into resort 2014. The soft, cool pink with an iridescent look blends well with the current season’s color palette. “Butterfly Wings” plays well with winter 2014’s pastels and holidays hues such as red, green and metallics. Laura Mercier’s “Butterfly Wings” also works well with resort 2014’s bright colors, cobalt hues and colorful patterns. This is an easy color to wear every day and every night throughout the season! After all, who has time during the holiday season to paint their nails every day to match a different outfit? Not me!

I absolutely adore the iridescent pink hue of Laura Mercier’s “Butterfly Wings” nail polish for winter, the holidays and as we move into the resort/cruise season. This is a great color to wear all the time.

I tested Laura Mercier’s “Butterfly Wings” with one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. The polish lasted six days without chipping! Love that!

Laura Mercier’s “Butterfly Wings” nail polish is limited edition and priced at $18. If can be found online here.

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