Kal Rieman spring 2014

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Photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©

I took a break from the shows at Lincoln Center to head over to the garment district and visit one of my favorite emerging designers; Kal Rieman. Every season Kal Rieman creates classic pieces which can be mixed and matched together for a timeless look or on-trend ensemble. Love that!

Kal Rieman’s workspace was inspirational. She had her current fall collection on one side of the room and her new spring 2014 samples on the other. The new spring 2014 collection looked amazing on the hanger, I cannot wait to see how it will look on models!

For spring 2014, Kal Rieman is showing light colors, plaids and prints as well as flowing silhouettes. Many of the pieces can easily be worn to the office or paired with a casual skirt or jeans for a relaxed weekend look. I love how her entire collection is based on investment dressing rather than fast fashion.

My three favorite samples from Kal Rieman’s spring 2014 collection are pictured above. I love how the hemlines are still pinned! Stay tuned for pictures of her spring 2014 on models!

To view Kal Rieman’s current collection, and learn more about this fabulous designer, please visitkalrieman.com.