Fall 2013 denim trends: coated jeans

Coated jeans first appeared on store shelves and on the street in the fall of 2012. Although the style found popularity, it was in the shadows of printed jeans and colored skinnies. For fall 2013, the coated jean is the new colored skinny; and it has risen to the top of the denim pack.

Coated jeans are everywhere for fall 2013, and they have turned into the fresh alternative to the tired colored denim or denim skinny trend. Coated jeans still feature seasonal colors, but what sets them apart from regular colored denim is the wax coating.

This season jeans, specifically pants, not jackets, shirts, vest or skirts, are coated. The coating seems as though it would be sticky when first touched, but in reality the coating is waxy without being slick. This gives denim pants a sheen which dresses up the overall of the jeans without elevating them past casual.

The fabulous thing about coated jeans is that they can be paired with biker boots and a sweater on a casual weekend day, paired with loafer pumps and a blazer for “Casual Friday” at the office or spiced up with heels and a clutch for evening. Versatility = love!

If there is one pair of jeans you need to buy for fall 2013, it is a coated pair of jeans. Of course the ultimate pair to own would be in black, but if you prefer a little bit more color, burgundy, forest green or brown are fabulous shades to take you through the autumn season.

My favorite coated denim is the coated denim collection from the Gap. They fit well, come in a variety of colors, offer great quality and are reasonably priced. Love that! To view additional brands and styles of coated denim from around the web, please visit the shopping widget below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous