Spring 2013 trends: Studs and Spikes

The rocker chic trend has been booming over the past few years and for the spring 2013 season, designers have decided to take studs and spikes a little bit further than in past seasons. In the past, studs and spikes have been shown on every garment and accessory imaginable in traditional metal. For spring 2013, designers have been showing studs and spikes in bright colors, pastels and more as they match the details to the accessory or garments fabrications!

That’s right! For spring 2013 there are pink leather shoes with matching pink spikes, red leather shoes with red studs and the list goes on. Starting with Christian Louboutin and his famous spiked shoes, as well as Valentino and their poplar RockStud collection, designers have jumped on the trend and colorful studs and spikes can be found everywhere!

This is not to say metal studs and spikes have gone by the wayside, they are as popular as ever. For spring 2013, anything goes when it comes to studs and spikes. If you prefer color; go for it! If you are a more traditional Rocker, look for the metal hue of your choice. Just make sure Metallica and Van Halen are on your playlist  Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

To shop this trend, click on the photos below!Styling tip: Too many studs and spikes worn together is overkill. Pick one piece, whether it is a garment or accessory and make that your studded or spiked piece for your ensemble.