Twisted Silver’s Crush Earrings: signature earrings for the spring/summer season

The spring/summer season brings a new dainty jewelry trend to the forefront of both runway fashion and street style. In addition to small jewelry pieces being hot for the upcoming warm weather seasons, bright colors, neon hues and pastel shades will also dominate store shelves and the street. This makes the new “Crush Earrings” by Twisted Silver the perfect signature piece for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season!

Twisted Silver’s new “Crush Earrings” are petite in size and big on style. The greenish hued crystal drop backed by a wavy brass disc creates a soft yet geometric look which resonates with the current silhouettes and prints of the new spring/summer 2013 season. With more blues, greens and purples in the color palette for 2013 than we saw in 2012, the greenish hue of the crystal drop works perfectly with the majority of color combinations Fashionistas will find themselves wearing for the spring/summer 2013 season. Love that!

The petite size combined with the style and color of the “Crush Earrings” from Twisted Silver makes these new earrings the perfect go-to pair for the spring/summer 2013 season; and they may very well become your signature jewelry for the New Year! Fabulous!

The “Crush Earrings” from Twisted Silver can be found online at for $30. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Love it! Happy shopping, and say fabulous 


c/o Twisted Silver’s Crush Earrings.
Photo: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2012©