Winter 2013 Trends: Baroque

One of the big fall/winter 2012/2013 runway trends is baroque. This intricate and design-heavy trend, which seemed to be a little bit much for the warm and moderate weather during the fall season,  has found itself popularity on the street for the cool, winter 2013 season as heavier fabrics and ensembles move to the forefront of every fashion-savvy womans’ closet.

Fashionistas on the street are wearing the baroque trend in subtle ways this winter 2013 season. Instead of head-to-looks from the runways, fashion-savvy women are picking one baroque item and styling an understated outfit around that item. 

When wearing the baroque trend this winter 2013 season, look for one key piece you love and will be able to wear with multiple pieces in your closet. One statement coat, handbag, dress or pair of shoes is the easiest way to own a piece of the baroque trend without breaking the bank or over-buying a trend which may not return in winter 2014.

We have included a few examples in this article to help you incorporate the baroque trend into your winter 2013 wardrobe. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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