Jewelry trends 2013: dainty versus bold

The bold jewelry trend has been rampant in fashion both on the runway and on the street over the past several years. As we head towards 2013, the bold jewelry trend continues; but this time, in 2013 for resort, spring, summer, fall and winter, there is a secondary trend rising in jewelry; the dainty trend.

Delicate and dainty jewelry pieces have been starting to pop up both on the runways and on the streets as Fashionistas begin to tire of big and bold jewelry. This is not to say that big, bold pieces of jewelry are falling to the wayside, rather, it just means fashion-savvy women are looking for an alternative to bold jewelry pieces.

Delicate necklaces, small rings and dainty earrings are hot as we move into 2013. Smaller bracelets and thin bracelet are also hot, but in 2013 these dainty styles are still being stacked together (as they have been for the past few years) for a heavier look on the arm.
Dainty jewelry makes sense with the upcoming trends in 2013 which include neon hues, bright colors, bold prints, florals, metallics and the continuation of the color blocking trend. With bright and bold trends in apparel, shoes and handbags, it is no wonder fashion-savvy women are looking to tone down many of their jewelry choices for the upcoming year.

Of course, bold jewelry still dominated the runways for the upcoming 2013 seasons and is also proving to remain popular on the street. Solid colored frocks and simple cuts benefit from bold jewelry which can instantly update an ensemble from a past season, or add a little spice to an otherwise drab look.
Much like the 2013 shoe wars of the platform shoe versus the flat soled or “single sole” shoe, dainty and bold jewelry are moving into 2013 as equally important trends in jewelry.

It should be interesting to see as 2013 moves into 2014 if both trends remain; or if one of these trends takes over as the dominant look in jewelry.
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