Swimsuit cover-ups for the summer 2012 season

Swimsuit season is here; and pool parties, beach excursions and tropical vacations are on the horizon. The only dilemma a Fashionista faces at any event requiring swimwear is what to do when walking to and from the car, taking a break from the ocean or pool for a meal or lounging after taking a dip in the water. These dilemmas can easily be solved with a fashionable and sleek cover-up which shows off one’s style savvy as well as helps to keep the goose bumps at bay!

Swimsuit cover-ups for summer 2012 are being shown in an array of styles; all of which take their inspiration from the current trends that were first spotted on the runways. Cover-ups are being shown in bright colors, tribal prints, color blocking, stripes and florals for the summer 2012 swimsuit season.

In addition to on-trend prints and colors, swimsuit cover-ups for the summer 2012 season are being shown in strapless, halter and blouson waist styles; all of which are hot trends in apparel from the spring/summer 2012 season.

When picking out the right swimsuit cover-up for the summer 2012 season, it is important to first purchase your swimsuit. Swimsuit shopping is just as difficult as denim shopping, so to make things easy, always buy your swimwear first. This will help alleviate any potential “matching” problems when it comes time to pair your swimwear with your cover-up.

If you choose a solid colored swimsuit, look for a tribal, floral or striped cover-up to contrast the swimsuit. Vise-versa, if you choose a swimsuit with a print. Pick up one color from the suit and look for a cover-up in that hue. If you can buy the swimsuit and the cover-up on the same day-even better!

As for silhouette, look for the same necklines and silhouettes in your cover-up which you have already found flattering in your attire. If strapless dresses never work for you, don’t even try it with your cover-up. If halter tops always flatter you, stick with this style and pick a cover-up with a halter top. After all, your fabulous fashion sense will make any swimsuit soiree all the more amazing. Happy shopping and swimming, and stay fabulous 

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