Twisted Silver Pixie Bracelet is perfectly petite for spring

Twisted Silver has released their new “Pixie” Bracelet today and this sweet little bracelet is sure to soften your heart. This petite, chain link bracelet features a bluish-grey glass pearl flanked on either side by two smoky vintage glass cut beads. The dainty nature of Twisted Silver’s new “Pixie” Bracelet allows it to fit perfectly into spring’s 1940’s and 1950’s vintage trends from the Paris runways.

The Pixie Bracelet, when worn alone, is dainty and sweet; allowing the piece to work well with knee length skirts, pastel hues and proper satchels. When layered, the Pixie Bracelet transforms into a sassy, edgy chain bracelet which works well with both casual and sophisticated attire. Love that!

The “Pixie” bracelet by Twisted Silver is priced at $40 and can be found online at For a 15% discount, please enter coupon code INSIDERS upon check-out. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

Featured in photos: Twisted Silver “Pixie Bracelet,” Twisted Silver “Rag Bracelet,” Margaret Elizabeth bangle, Alexander Wang cobalt blue leather tote bag.
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*We received a sample of Twisted Silver’s Pixie Bracelet for editorial consideration. Receipt of this sample did not influence our opinion of the bracelet. For more information, please read our disclaimer.