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Is yellow the new neutral for spring 2012?

Neiman Marcus recently declared yellow to be the new neutral for spring 2012. This is an interesting declaration since neutral shades of beige, ivory, white, tan, brown and black are hard to come by this spring season. Out of all the spring colors, yellow is one of the more “neutral” shades as it blends well with both cool shades and warm shades.

Yellow is being shown with cool shades of blue and green while also being paired with warm shades of orange or “Tangerine Tango” to be exact. While yellow is still an actual “color,” the hue is easy to blend with most other colors of the rainbow and can easily add a pop of color to a “real” neutral ensemble in white or beige.

The easiest way to use yellow as a neutral shade is with accessories such as a handbag or pair of shoes. On cooler days, a yellow blazer, jacket or coat can add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Yellow is also an easy color to use when color blocking an outfit.

The interesting thing about yellow is that it is more than just an on-trend color for spring 2012 and fall 2012. The shade also has psychiatric benefits for one’s mood! Yellow is considered a happy color which is said to help increase optimism. The hue is also said to increase concentration and productivity. Love that!

We assembled a few yellow pieces through Polyvore to brighten your day and inspire your spring-through-fall wardrobe. After all, yellow is gracing the fall runways and is one of Pantone’s top ten fall 2012 colors. Fabulous!

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