Pantone releases the fall 2012 color report

Pantone has released their color report for the fall 2012 season. While the authority on color released their color forecasts for the fall and winter season last October, the official report was released on the first day of New York Fashion Week; February 9, 2012. 

The color reports for women and men are quite similar. Tangerine Tango, the “IT” color for 2012 was on the list as well as bright blue, medium pink and a soft purple shade named “Rhapsody.”
The color report shows that bright colors are staying put for the cool weather season while lighter, pastel shades are slowly creeping into the spectrum. Grey also made the list as a top color for fall, signaling the neutral hue could be used in place of black for the cool weather season. 
Pantone’s fall 2012 color report helps shopper make buying decisions during the spring season since Fashionista’s now have a sneak peek into which colors have staying power and which shades are fleeting trends.
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