Pastel jewelry for the spring 2012 season

Paris designers, and select designers from around the globe, gave the fashion world a pastel color palette for the spring 2012 season. This has made pastels the hottest alternative to bright colors for the spring 2012 season. One of the easiest ways to incorporate pastels into your daily wardrobe is through pastel colored gemstones and jewelry. With pastel purple and pink continuing from spring 2012 into the fall season, this is the perfect time to invest in pastel gems to wear now and into next year.

There are so many pastel gemstones on the market. Almost any pastel hue can be found in natural gemstones including pale green amethyst, baby blue chalcedony, lavender chalcedony, light green chalcedony, rose quartz, opals and more.

What makes pastel gemstones fabulous is that they are an investment and can be worn for generations; making pastel jewelry a smart way to invest in the current “Paris Pastel” trend for spring. Pastel gemstones can be found set in sterling silver, gold and many different types of metal; making the gemstones accessible at any price point.

Designers have been showing colorful and bold jewelry on the runways in New York for fall 2012, so this is not the time to be afraid of adding colorful jewelry to your collection. We found a few pastel gems around the web through Polyvore and assembled them into the set below. Hope you love it!

Happy shopping and stay fabulous

y (17)