Interview with handbag designer Rose Beck

Handbag designer Rose Beck creates classic handbags with unique and modern details which are innovative and simply stunning. Rose Beck took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her handbag collection and share her creative inspiration.

1)     What inspired you to become a designer?

The fascination of colors and materials, shapes, function and combinations

2)     The “Fantastico” clutch is amazing! What was your inspiration behind the design?

My inspiration for this style was the opera house in Sydney. It’s strikingly organic and three-dimensional form calls to mind the image of a sailing ship or a cluster of shells. Surrounded by ocean, this masterpiece is a clear symbolof human intelligence.

3)     How is designing bags for men different than designing for a woman? Or is there a difference?

For me there is no difference. I love to design for men. I also men love design in addition to  function.

4) Is designing a bag for a technical gadget more challenging or easier than designing an everyday handbag?

In regards to designing my cases for iPads and iPhones; for technical gadgets you start with technical thinking, whereas with an everyday handbag the influence comes from many different sources – music, cinema, art, fashion, traveling, architecture,…

5)     What inspired you to add texture to your handbags?

I see handbags like an everyday sculpture, so I try to find always new and unusual surfaces.

6)     Do you think you might expand into other accessories or apparel someday?

I can imagine designing shoes someday

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*Special THANK YOU to Rose Beck for taking the time to speak with me about her inspiration and handbag collection.

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