Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: Denim

The fall 2011 runways collection in Milan, Paris and New York showed their fair share of denim in varying silhouettes and forms. This is not any surprise since denim is one of the most popular forms of clothing on Earth. Over the past two years denim has taken many forms aside from the traditional pants which are a mainstay in every Fashionista’s closet. Denim dresses were all the rage in summer of 2010 as were denim handbags and shoes. In 2011 denim skirts have moved up in the world and Capri denim pants have slowly emerged from a brief hiatus.

For fall of 2011 denim has five distinct trends which are straight off the runway and are a breath of fresh air for denim enthusiasts who are always looking for the next hot denim trend.

1)      Flares: Flared denim pants are nothing new and have been on store shelves for the past decade. But for fall 2011, they are the number one silhouette for jeans. Flared jeans work perfectly with the vintage trend; 1970’s Boho-chic. Flared jeans also happen to be the most flattering silhouette for the majority of women. The flared bottom helps balance out a woman’s curves, unlike skinny jeans which can make a curvy woman look curvier than she really is. Yikes!

2)      Subtle Colors: Colored denim has been sneaking into fashion over the past three years and this fall they are making their biggest splash yet. While summertime brought store shelves soft pastel denim pants in classic cuts, flare cuts and skinny silhouettes, fall 2011 is bringing dark, autumn shades of denim to the closet’s of woman everywhere. Black jeans are joining the ranks of crisp deep shades of purple, rust, dark military green, shades of brown and deep burgundy. The easiest way to update one’s fall wardrobe this season is with a dark pair of colored denim pants. Fabulous!

3)      Patchwork: Anyone remember the 1980’s? In the 80’s patchwork denim was all the rage and anyone with an ounce of style had some sort of patchwork design on their jeans. Torn jeans were hot and the trend was to patch them from the inside in order to show off the fraying as well as the cute little bit of fabric holding the pants together from the inside. This time around the patchwork is not about fixing frayed and torn jeans, rather, the patches are different types of denim sewn together to create an entirely new piece of denim. Patches are being done symmetrically as well as in an abstract fashion. It’s a mix of uptown chic and downtown edge. Love it!

4)      Jackets: Denim jackets are hot for fall! This casual jacket is perfect for moderate weather and can be found in every shade of blue imaginable as well as dark autumn colors. Denim jackets are also great for resort and spring 2012. When shopping for a denim jacket, look for a shade of denim or color that can carry you into spring 2012, this make the best investment. Short, fitted and sassy, rockin’!

5)      The Chambray Shirt: Oh yeah, it’s back! The chambray shirt is a man’s work shirt made from a thinner version of denim named chambray. The shirt can be found in many shades of blue ranging from almost white to deep dark indigo. The chambray shirt is being paired with skirts, pants and colored denim. But not with the same shade of blue jeans; no matchy matchy! In the early 1990’s the chambray shirt was always worn open with another shirt proudly displayed underneath, as if it were an open jacket. This time around the chambray shirt is button up, sleeves strategically rolled up and untucked. Menswear chic, fabulous!

Denim for fall has its’ casual and dressy casual moments. The main thing is to make sure any pants you buy fit properly and look good on you. One of the worst mistakes a Fashionista can make it to purchase denim because the brand is considered “hot.” Wear the brand that looks good on you and ignore the size on the label. This will help you find the most fabulous pair of jeans whether they be flared, colored or patched up. Happy shopping and stay fabulous