Sparkling New Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2011: the Chanel colors are in

Move over “Rose Insolent,” “Black Pearl,” “Mimosa” and “Beige Petale,” the new fall nail polish colors are here and fashionable fingertips everywhere will soon be painted with the new IT color from Chanel. The three nail polish colors from Chanel for fall 2011 are “Graphite,” -a sparkling version of “Black Pearl” which was used for Chanel’s fall 2011 runway show during Paris Fashion Week and is predicted to sell out first, “Quartz,” -a sparkling version of spring 2010’s “Particulaire” and “Peridot” which is a green-gold that sparkles and has been deemed the new “IT” color for nails in fall 2011.

Every season the new “IT” color trend for nail polish is set by Chanel. While other nail polish brands will also feature similar versions of Chanel’s hot new colors for fall, Chanel is the brand that starts the trend and others follow suit. This could be why the “IT” color of the season for nail polish by Chanel is always sold out before the season has a chance to begin.

This season the new “IT” color is “Peridot” and it is sure to sell out before the first leaf falls to the ground. “Peridot” is a green nail color which has a large amount of gold undertones and changes color according to the light. The gold adds sparkle to the nail color which is in line with the sparkling make-up trend for fall 2011. Nails are not the only thing that will shine this fall; eye shadows are sparkling and adding shine to the faces of Fashionistas everywhere.

“Peridot” may not be the color for everyone. Although it will have “IT” status for fall 2011, the gold-tone green will not work on every skin color, nor will it work with every outfit. This means that every Fashionista should have a back-up polish, or stay away from “Peridot” altogether if one’s wardrobe or skin-tone will not work with gold and green. The other two nail polish colors from Chanel for fall 2011 are the perfect basic colors for the season as they will work with almost every skin tone and blend well with any color of attire. Long story short, if “Peridot” is not your thing, do not be a fashion victim. Try “Quartz” for the perfect classic yet of-the-moment neutral or “Graphite” for the ultimate edgy and on-trend black. “Graphite” may be difficult to find since it was the nail color on the Chanel Paris Fashion Week runway for fall 2011. The hue is expected to sell out quickly.

Stuck on green but not on Chanel’s “Peridot” nail polish? Never fear! There will be several shades and versions of metallic greens without the severe gold undertones. There is bound to be a green for every nail polish taste. Wondering which brands to try? OPI for Sephora is a great mid-range line that carries a wide variety of the hottest colors in nail polish and Duri Cosmetics always has a great line of nail color.

Happy shopping and stay fabulous.