Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

Make-Up has gone PINK for the Holidays

The Holiday make-up trend this year is pink! Chanel has released their holiday make-up collection and it is in shades of pink. There is a shade of pink for everyone with the brighter, more candy pink the focal point. Although there are several brands of make-up on the market, Chanel tends to show the leading edge colors every season and is a safe bet when it comes to the current make-up trends.

One of the big colors for resort is candy pink. There are candy pink shoes, handbags and apparael. It is not hard to imagine that the make-up will be pink too. As the holiday season comes closer, instead of waiting for the resort make-up colors to arrive on store shelves, Chanel has opted to present pink earlier than other make-up brands by making it the prominent color in the holiday collection.

Chanel is showing candy pink nail color named Pulsion as well as a softer pink named Mica Rose. As with Chanel nail color every season, the new colors fly off of store shelves before you can match your new Prada pumps to an outfit. Therefore, it is good to know there are alternate Chanel nail colors to wear, just in case you miss out on the first shipment of Pulsion and Mica Rose. Jade Rose from fall 2010 is a very soft pink which will work well with holiday color palettes as well as the upcoming resort and spring looks. It should be in stock!

Lip gloss is also taking a pink turn for the holiday, resort and spring seasons. The pink lip gloss hitting store shelves is in four distinct shades: baby pink, candy pink, deep rose pink and peachy pink. Lip stick of course has turned pink and is also being shown in pale and candy shades.

Cheeks are looking a little bit sun-kissed this season as well. The blush hitting store shelves is medium pink and gives Fashionistas the look of spring’s first sun-kiss.

Eye shadow is coming in two looks for the holiday season. White eye shadow is back to either use alone for a club-evening look or in conjunction with pale pinks. The dark brown smoky eye is also making an appearance. Heavy eye make-up was a look we saw on the spring runways. This is one make-up look that might be making it from the runway to reality.

Pinks, fuchsias, dark browns and pinkish purples are the make-up colors of the holiday season as well as into resort. Make-up brands such as Chanel at the high-end and Cover Girl at the low-end, have a wide array of pinks on store shelves right now. Perfect time to stock up before everyone starts to see pink! Happy shopping and stay fabulous