Men’s Fall Fashion Trends: Corduroy

Men who love fashion are in for a treat this Fall! Corduroy is back and it is being shown on more than just pants. Corduroy is finding a dressier, crispier life for Fall in the form of structured, slim pants and form fitting blazers. Men will be able to wear corduroy for office casual looks without worrying about looking too casual. The cords are small which gives corduroy a finer, more structured look that is modern and cool.

Gucci gave men a wide variety of corduroy for Fall with different cuts of slim pants hitting at the top of the ankle as well as just below the ankle bone. The pant cuts are classic yet slim  and give men a thin silhouette. Designers are showing deep navy, dark military green, rich browns and black on corduroy pants giving men dark pants to pair with cozy cardigan sweaters, cashmere pull-overs and crisp cotton shirts.

Etro, Ralph Lauren and Dolce and Gabbana have created both pants and blazers for men made from corduroy for Fall. Blazers are being shown in form-fitting cuts as well as more casual and forgiving cuts in casual browns and washed corduroy. Men will be able to find blazers that can be worn to work and out to dinner as well as the perfect casual blazer for the week-ends. The one fashion rule men will need to follow this Fall is to stay away from pairing the corduroy blazer with corduroy pants. The blazer will work great with a dark pair of jeans for the week-end or paired with crisp, gabardine pants as shown on Gucci’s runway.

Corduroy swings in and out of style every Fall so men might be able to save some money this Fall by what women refer to as “shopping your closet.” Take a look inside your closet and see if you have thin corduroy pants stored in the back. If not, this is a great season to buy a few pairs of corduroy pants and at least one blazer. The corduroy look for Fall is a great way to look polished yet still feel comfortable. Corduroy is also a classic fabric that can be worn season after season. If you are looking for an investment, stick with classic colors such as black, chocolate brown and navy. Stores such as Banana Republic and Macy’s have corduroy blazers and pants at reasonable prices. You will never go wrong! Happy shopping!