Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Pearls

Pearls pearls pearls! One of the hot new trends for Fall 2010 in jewelry is pearls. Although jewelry was barely seen on the runways for Fall, pearls had their place among designer looks that were shown either without jewelry or with a minimal amount of pearls. The only other piece of jewelry seen on the runways for Fall was the large pendant.

Minimalism has taken over all of the vintage trends this Fall by excluding jewelry from a complete outfit. With the recession still in full gear, Bay Area Fashionistas are putting the bling away and wearing quiet jewels, if any at all. Designers in New York, Milan and Paris have followed suit and refrained from featuring large bling for Fall by sending models down the runway with naked ears, necks and wrists. The few looks that featured any jewelry for Fall were accessorised with pearls or the large pendant.

Pearls evoke a feeling of fear for many Fashionistas in the Bay Area who picture pearls with pumps and Grandmother’s tea. The new pearl look for Fall 2010 offers both classic and artistic jewelery styles that will suit even the most discerning Fashionista.

Classic pearl styles blend perfectly this Fall with the 1950’s and 1960’s trends from the runway. A single strand of pearls, about 18″ long will enhance a cardigan sweater or short sleeve pull-over sweater that is paired with a full skirt. A long, 36″ single strand pearl necklace will also work well with the vintage trend and can be worn long or wrapped around the neck once to create a shorter, double strand look. The 36″ strand is versatile since it can also be wrapped around the wrist several times to create a multi-strand bracelet. For Fashionistas interested in investing in real pearls, the long, single strand might be a wise investment since it can be worn in so many different ways. Single strand pearls also come in faux versions if the real thing is too costly. Banana Republic is offering a limited edition, genuine pearl bracelet that is to die for!

Department stores and small boutiques offer faux pearl versions that are funky and anything but ordinary. The faux pearl styles that are chunky, funky and unique can spice up a minimalism outfit or modernize a vintage outfit. Fashionistas who enjoy adding their own personality and twists to the Fall trends might prefer faux pearls since they are less costly than the real thing. Vera Wang is offering fashion forward, clusters of pearls that can add oomph to any outfit. Vera Wang offers choices between white pearls and black pearls as well as fabulous cuffs. Auden jewelry is showing an amazing pearl bib necklace for Fall that is sure to spice up an all-black outfit.

Whether pearls are your thing or not, there are different variations of pearl jewelry for this Fall that almost every Fashionista can enjoy. Not into pearls at all? That’s OK since jewelery is not front and center for this Fall season. Jewelery is barely being shown by designers, so pearls are a nice trend for those who cannot leave the house unadorned. And for Fashionistas who don’t do pearls; less is more.  Happy shopping and stay fabulous.


Photo Credit: rockyradio
License: Creative Commons