Singer celebrates 160 years of sewing

Many Fashionistas only need to walk a few feet away from their closet in order to rest their eyes on a Singer sewing machine. Almost everyone who owns a sewing machine owns a Singer.  Sewing machines are used for many reasons in the homes of fashion-savvy, would-be seamstresses. They are used for shortening hemlines, repairing children’s clothing, making costumes for Halloween or school plays and also for creating designs of one’s own.

Singer has been the premiere choice for sewing machines for the past 160 years. In celebration of their anniversary, Singer has built a website which highlights the history of the Singer sewing machine. Singer owners can also enter the serial number of their machine and learn where and when their machine was built. Singer is encouraging machine owners to enter their stories on the website and automatically be entered to win one of the new 2012, limited edition commemorative machines which will be available January 2012.

I have a Singer sewing machine which was originally my Mother’s. The sewing machine was purchased in the mid-1960’s and still works great! My Mother made all of my Halloween costumes throughout my childhood on this machine. Being 5’4” my Mother also shortened all of my hemlines throughout my youth and taught me her skills. When I was nine I designed and sewed my first dress on our Singer sewing machine; with my Mother’s guidance of course. I was very proud of this dress. It was pink with large grey polka dots and bow tie straps. I made sure the skirt was large enough to create a big bubble when I spun in a circle. Now the Singer is used for my family. She still runs like the first day my Mother purchased her.

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19682 1851woman

From top: Singer circa 1868, Singer ad circa 1851.
Photos courtesy of Singer