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Ray-Ban Wayfarers make a comeback in bold colors and designs

Ray-Ban Wayfarers were one of the hottest styles of sunglasses in the 1980’s here in the Bay Area. Anywhere you turned, Fashionistas and non-Fashionistas were either wearing Vuarnet’s or Wayfarers. While Vuarnet fans opted for classic colors such as black and brown, Ray-Ban fans wore their Wayfarers in white, red or any color that suited their outfit of the day.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers, originally introduced to the market in 1952, have cycled in and out of fashion over the last sixty plus years. Over the past five years, Ray-Ban Wayfarers have been creeping back onto city streets with celebrities such as Drew Barymoore launching them back into the spotlight. For the upcoming resort and spring season, Ray-Ban has released several new colors and prints for the Wayfarer style, many of which are sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

Bold colors, mixed textures and unlikely color combinations were dominant on the spring 2011 runways in New York, Paris and Milan. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer colors and design palette mirrors the visual vibe designers put forth for the upcoming spring season.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are being shown in classic Wayfarer colors such as white, black and red for the spring season. The bright and bold colors, that Ray-Ban is showing for spring on their Wayfarer style sunglasses, is capturing the attention of Fashionistas everywhere. With a move towards mixing bold together, the thought of pairing a fabulous pair of turquoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers with a candy pink top, orange pencil skirt and pale beige handbag on a yellow Christian Louboutin foundation, has fashion savvy shoppers flocking to Nordstrom for a pair.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are being shown in turquoisecandy pinksunny yellowhot pink/black, mellow orange/tortoise, medium blue/white, leopard print as well as many other prints and color combinations. Ray-Ban Wayfarers can also have the lenses changed by an optometrist for Fashionistas who need prescription sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s come in two styles, classic and “new small” which is a slightly slimmer version of the original, now dubbed classic. The new collection of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses can be found at Nordstrom Stores and online atNordstrom.com . Happy Shopping and stay fabulous