polka dots

Polka Dots

Polka dots have been a classic springtime pattern for decades. The polka dot has enjoyed a little bit more popularity this year as the pattern has found itself carrying over from the mild spring season into the warm and hot summer months. But for fall, the polka dot has decided to stick around rather than move to the back of the closet until next spring; that’s right-polka dots are on-trend for fall.

Paige Denim, among others, designed polka dotted pieces for the fall season. The polka dot jeans from Paige Denim happen to be a favorite among celebrities such as Gwen Stefani. Polka dots are also popping up on less casual pieces such as dresses, silk trousers and sweaters. There are even polka dot accessories for fall!

If you think you are seeing spots; you are. Polka dots were not very prominent on the runways, but on store shelves they have their place, and on the streets they are close to being hot. (We will call them warm ) The polka dot is an emerging trend.

We found a mix of summer and fall polka dot pieces and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. What do you think of polka dots for fall? Does it feel like wearing white after Labor Day to you? Or do you feel like polka dots during the autumn months is playful, modern and fresh?