Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week photo journal

A look back at fall/winter 2018/2019 New York Fashion Week. Some of my photos came out OK, while others look horrible! If I wasn’t able to snap pictures, or my pictures were beyond being saved in Photoshop, I used a press photo from the runway. I tried my best to post my favorite look from each runway. Enjoy!

New York Fashion Week day one

Tadashi Shoji

Pamella Roland

photo courtesy of GPS

Ceremony: Xuly Bet and Mimi Prober

New York Fashion Week day two

Just In XX

Concept Korea

Backstage with Aveda at Priscavera

Flying Solo

New York Fashion Week day three

Dan Liu

Custo Barcelona

Taoray Wang

Son Jung Wan

A Detacher

New York Fashion Week day four

Romeo Hunte


photo courtesy of GPS

Vivi Zubedi

New York Fashion Week day five

Backstage at Libertine with CND

photo credit: Kali/In Spades


photo credit: Matt/In Spades

Invited but unable to attend

Leanne Marshall,  All Comes from Nothing, Vivienne Hu,  Irina Vitjaz,  Yuron,  Helen Anthony,  Fashion Hong Kong,  Cromat,  Asia Fashion Collection,  Chocheng,  The Blonds

Trends for fall 2018 from the New York Fashion Week runways

Tadashi Shoji fall 2018 runway NYFW. photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

The last model has walked off the catwalk in New York for fall 2018, and the fashion world is left with a whole new set of trends to covet for the next cold weather season. While some trends from spring 2018 proved to have staying power into fall 2018, many others fell by the wayside. To replace them, new trends have emerged for fall 2018, and they are nothing short of fabulous.

There are so many hot trends for the fall 2018 season from New York Fashion Week, I could write a book! So, to streamline things, here are the top five trends for fall 2018 from the New York Fashion Week runways.

New York Fashion Week handbag trends fall 2018: small circle and box bags

Just In XX fall 2018 runway NYFW. photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

Small bags dominated the runways for fall/winter 2018/2019. The most spotted type of runway handbags for the new cold weather season were small circle bags, and small box bags. These two styles also proved to be hot on the streets for spring 2018 at New York Fashion Week, so these are the two handbag styles to invest in now; just don’t wear them cross body! Over the shoulder, or hand-held please!

New York Fashion Week color trends fall 2018: yellow and blue make green

Dan Liu fall 2018 NYFW runway. photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

Ultra Violet may be the color of the year, and it did make an appearance on the runways, but the real color stars on the fall 2018 runways at New York Fashion Week were yellow, blue, and green. Look for bold shades of royal and midnight blue, mustard, soft sunshine, military green, and light forest green. Red is sitting happily in 4th place.

New York Fashion Week fashion trends fall 2018: pump up the volume

Taoray Wang fall 2018 NYFW runway. photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

Gone are the days of basic long sleeves. Sleeves for fall 2018 are pumped up. Look for varying shapes of volume in sleeves and shoulders; as well as separated or partly detached sleeves. Sleeves and shoulders are your way to make a statement this fall.

New York Fashion Week coat trends fall 2018: the redefined trench

Romeo Hunte fall 2018 NYFW. photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

Classic trench coats are all well and good, but for fall 2018 look for the redefined trench coat. Coats are belted with exaggerated lines, shoulders, and sleeves. Look for a statement making trench coat this fall!

New York Fashion Week shoe trends fall 2018: metallic shoes

A Detacher fall 2018 NYFW runway. Photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2018©

While metallic handbags and clothing have faded into the background for fall 2018, metallic shoes are staying strong. Look for silver shoes and metallic autumn colors on footwear.

Of course, there are way more then five trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for the fall/winter 2018/2019 season. These just happen to be the five most noticeable trends from the runways. The decades of influence were the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. In addition to these trends, look for more purple, plaid, ponchos, open toe shoes, pointy toe shoes, ankle boots, small satchels, handheld handbags, berets, hooded outerwear, fur trimmed hoods, athleisure, urban influences, soft prints, ankle length skirts, full length trousers and pants (no more cropped), beadwork, brown and orange worn together, blue and purple worn together, natural makeup looks, sleek hairstyles, peplum, and more!

Which trend or trends from the fall 2018 are you looking forward to wearing next season?

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A Detacher fall 2018 New York Fashion Week

One of my favorite shows every season at fashion week is A Detacher. For the fall/winter 2018/2019 season, the collection solidified my love for it when it made its way down the New York Fashion Week runway at Pier 59 Studios.

The models walked slowly, with somber, yet mellow demeanors. The color palette was autumnal and light. There was subtle texture, soft prints, sophisticated styling, and a slightly more grown up vibe to the collection then A Detacher has shown in previous seasons. It was downright fabulous!

With effortless silhouettes, the fall 2018 A Detacher collection featured peaceful prints, cozy fabrications, understated and cool messenger bags, and fabulous shoes! Oh the shoes!

There were three distinct footwear styles on the A Detacher runway. The low heeled pump offered full coverage with an understated peep toe, and was shown in metallics and snakeskin. There were two boots styles on the runway; ankle booties and a knee boot. Both boot styles were classic and chic. The ankle boots were to-die-for! I definitely need a pair in my life!

I love so many looks from the runway. My two favorite looks were the blue jacket and the winter white sweater over a blue top, and winter white trousers. So chic and fabulous! Which looks are your favorite?

To see more from A Detacher, check out ADetacher.com

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