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my white shirt Lafayette 148 my white shirt Lafayette 148

wearing: ivory and gold earrings / lipstick / My White Shirt c/o Lafayette 148 New York / silver nail polish / black mini satchel / jeans / black mules (sold out-also love this pair)

There is nothing more iconic than a white shirt. Classic white shirts were important in fashion before the concept of the little black dress was conceived in the early part of the 1900’s. White shirts are not only iconic for women, but for men as well. This makes them a universal closet staple for everyone.

White shirts can come in any form. There are form fitting shirts, loose shirts, cropped shirts, and oversized shirts. A classic white shirt can even come in the form of a short tunic like mine. Whichever type of shirt suits your personal style, there is a white version on the market just for you.

The white shirt you wear can communicate your personal style to the world. If you choose a classic style, you are telling the world you are practical, no-nonsense, and not into trends. If your shirt has a more avant-garde silhouette, the style you choose tells a story about your personality to the world.

My White Shirt offers a classic collar on a loose tunic silhouette. This conveys my easy-going yet understated style. What story does your white tell?

Share how you wear your white shirt on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #MyWhiteShirt and #SchoolOfDreams in your caption. By using these hashtags, Lafayette 148 New York will donate $10 for every post, up to $148K, to the School of Dreams. This is a completely free, private elementary school in Shantou, China. Now through 9/30/2018.

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I can’t wait to see how you wear your white shirt!

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my white shirt Lafayette 148my white shirt Lafayette 148