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Jewel tone shoes for fall 2012

Jewel tones are a huge color trend this fall 2012 season and one of the fun and fabulous ways to wear these rich hues is on shoes! Another reason wearing jewel tone shoes for fall 2012 is fabulous is that many of these hues have already appeared on the spring 2013 runways! Love that!

Fall 2012 jewel tones include red, burgundy, green/emerald, blue and purple. These cool tones look amazing on any style of shoe, but for fall 2012, the hottest way to wear jewel tone shoes is either in the forms of flats or classic, flirty pumps.

There are many styles of flats for fall 2012. In jewel tones, look for smoking slippers and ballet style flats. When it comes to pumps, you cannot go wrong with a pointy toe, platform or flat sole. Look for colors that you feel blend into your current wardrobe and will give you most the mileage over the course of the fall and winter seasons. Colors such as red, purple and teal will also carry into early spring 2013, so these could be good investment colors.

We found a few fabulous pairs of shoes around the web in spectacular jewel tones for fall 2012 and assembled them into this article. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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Fall Fashion Trends: Jewel Tone Colors

There are so many different trends for Fall this year. Fashionistas are looking forward to the vintage trend with styles from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. There is also the return of minimalism giving Fashionistas the simple, solid color look, sans jewelry, from the 1990’s. Other prominent trends we are seeing for Fall include lace, pops of red, full skirts, lady handbags, animal prints, chunky knit sweaters and light eye make-up with dark lipstick. There is also another trend popping up for Fall that is being seen on dressier clothing for the office, dinner dates and formal events; jewel tone colors.

Jewel tone colors last made their appearance in the mid-1990’s just before minimalism took over the closet’s of Fashionistas everywhere. In their last run, jewel tones were bright pops of tourmaline pink, emerald green and topaz blue. Tops and dresses matched semi-precious gemstones and candy store finds. For Fall 2010 the jewel tones are more sedate and in line with the darker color palette Fashionistas have traditionally seen for Fall. The blues are deep and the reds have blue undertones. Greens are deep and turquoise is quiet. Purples are bright, yet not blinding. Instead of being shown with black, as jewel tones were in the nineties, Fall 2010 is giving Fashionistas jewel tones alone.

Emilio Pucci sent a model down the runway in red pants with a red silk blouse, red suede jacket, red scarf and fabulous red leather belt with grommets. Donna Karen showed a purple skirt with matching jacket and purple silk blouse. Akris showed a fabulous mustard suit on the runway and Vera Wang created jewel tone dresses fit for a wedding or formal gala.

The jewel tone trend is a great way to perk up a rather dreary Fall wardrobe that has embraced minimalism. Jewel tones will also be fabulous for evening events and formal affairs. If you are not into the vintage trend, jewel tones mixed together with minimalism will make a great Fall wardrobe that is versatile and easy to mix and match. This is also a trend where you can shop your closet to see what is inside! Jewel tones have been in recent Fall collections the past few years, just not all together like they are this year.You may find pops of red, mustard, purple and green from the past five years stored in the back of your closet. It should be easy to create a new look for Fall starting with a purple top from 2008 or a green skirt from 2007. Happy shopping and stay fabulous.


Halston Fall 2010 Jewel Tone look
Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira