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Handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2023

handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2023
shoulder bags summer 2023
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Summer handbag capsule wardrobe from top left: mini brown saddle bag / beige mini tote bag / green woven handbag / black M Frame bag / ivory moon shaped bag / classic black cross body bag / mint green tote bag / small straw tote /

Summer is here! This warm weather season, I am embracing smaller bags as my children are all teenagers and no longer in the habit of handing me things to carry. haha I can get through the day with my wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, and kleenex in my handbag. Love that!

Of course, the summer season is also a time when a fabulous tote bag is in order. I love having my small straw tote as well as a roomy tote I can carry tons of random items in. This large tote bag is perfect for my daily purse essentials as well as a scarf or cardigan for when the fog rolls in, a book, a water bottle, sunscreen, and snacks. It is made from sturdy leather and easy to wipe clean, since it is pebble leather.

The anonymous handbag trend is easy to follow this summer since I have never been a huge logo person anyway. I love wearing high quality handbags which speak for themselves instead of advertising who made them. While the anonymous handbag is considered a trend right now, it is a classic style which technically transcends trends in the long term. So, it really is an investment bag style versus a fleeting trend.

Now now, I know you are looking at that Tory Burch logo and Loewe logo asking me if I am blind. haha, I see them! If we drill down, I find those two logos to be more decorative that to be loud logos. While they are recognizable, I don’t feel like they are advertising, if that makes sense. Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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What are your favorite handbags for the summer 2023 season?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe spring 2023

spring 2023 handbags
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Handbag capsule wardrobe spring 2023 from top left: M Frame handbag / black shoulder bag / green shoulder bag / ivory moon shaped bag / caramel hobo bag / black hobo bag /

The spring 2023 season is all about shoulder bags, hobo bags, small top handle bags, and the anonymous handbag. While I am on the hunt for the perfect top handle bag, my spring handbag capsule is full of my shoulder bags and hobo bags which are small or medium in size. They are also my bags without obvious logos.

While many handbags have a logo on them, since designers and brands like to identify themselves, the idea this season is not to wear a bag which screams the designers’ name. If the logo is large, and part of the design, then it is too loud for spring 2023. The idea is to have a bag people will have look closely at to identify, or even ask you about. That is the anonymous handbag.

In addition to the anonymous handbag, the size this season is small to medium. While the runways have also shown oversized bags you can fit the kitchen sink inside, the streets have not taken to the trend. If you want to try and bring it to the streets, power to you, but remember, you will need to allocate extra time in your schedule for finding your car keys. Those bags are huge!

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What styles of handbags are you wearing this spring season?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2023

Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2023 from top left: caramel hobo handbag / mini green shoulder bag / Black shoulder bag / ivory moon shaped bag /

The winter season is here! This means it is time to switch into my winter handbag capsule wardrobe for the new year. For the winter season, the bags I plan to rotate are simple. The winter season is short, and I plan to attend casual events as well as keep things more on the casual side. This means I will be reaching for handbags which are casual, practical, and on trend.

The hobo is still going strong, as well as moon shaped handbags. For the winter season, I plan to wear my caramel hobo handbag when I need a roomy bag, and my smaller, moon shaped handbag when I am in a trendier mood. Love them both!

Of course, shoulder bags are hot this year too. I plan to rock the green handbag when I want a pop of color, and the black one when it is time to be classic. Both of these shoulder bags can also be worn cross body when I am running errands or I want to be hands-free; even though cross body bags are over, sometimes it is nice to have that versatility.

Hobo Handbags

Classic Shoulder Bags

As we move into 2023, handbags trends are moving into quieter territory. Steer clear of logo bags, and any bag that is trying to show off or grab attention. The quiet handbag is all the rage. Invest in bags this year which are high quality, versatile, practical, and simple. Colors are fine, as well as neutrals. As long as the bags are simple and chic.

Size matters in 2023. Oversized bags are over. Of course, when you are going somewhere and need a tote bag, by all means, wear a tote! That being said, wear the smallest bag you can get away with and carry what you need to bring with you when you leave the house. Mini, small and medium bags are what’s hot for 2023.

Rule of thumb for 2023: Small, simple, and chic.

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What are your favorite handbags as we move into the new year?

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