Hats for summer 2013


Summer hat in neutral, crisp white. Can be found here.

Summer is here! This means we need to start thinking about protecting our face from the sun’s harmful rays. Of course, the chicest, most “hot-off-the-runway” form of protection is a fabulous summer hat!

That’s right! A dramatic, floppy summer hat is a great way to protect your face, and possibly your shoulders, from the sun’s damaging rays. Thankfully, dramatic hats were spotted all over the London, New York, Paris and Milan runways for the spring/summer 2013 season. This means, store shelves are stocked with fabulous hats which not only look amazing and chic; they protect us! Love that!

If you have found yourself wearing a lot of summer 2013’s trend-setting prints, bright colors and neon hues, you may want to invest in a neutral summer hat which will work well with the majority of your warm weather wardrobe. Neutrals which are hot for summer 2013 include classic black, pale beige and crisp white.

If you have chosen a more classic and/or neutral wardrobe for summer 2013, why not add some to pop to your sunshine ensemble with a bright and colorful hat! The hottest hues for summer 2013 include cobalt blue (which is a great investment since it is hot for resort 2014), bright pink, cheery yellow and emerald green.

Chances are you do not need to purchase a large amount of hats for the summer. One or two hats will take you through the season and keep your face protected while making you look chic and fabulous. After all, the beach and the pool deck are our catwalks!

Here are a few fabulous neutral, striped and colorful hats for summer 2013 which will not only protect you from the sun; they will have you looking runway ready in a snap! Love that!  Simple click on the photo or photos of the hat or hats you love and you will be taken to the online shop where you can purchase your new summer hat! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

Hats are the ultimate accessory for the fall 2012 season

Ever since the Royal wedding where Kate Middleton married Prince William in a romantic, fairy-tale event, Fashionistas everywhere have been obsessed with the fascinators and hats worn by the wedding guests. While fashion-savvy shoppers ran out and purchased every fascinator they could get their hands since the famous wedding, the fascination with fascinators has leveled off and traditional hats have taken center stage.

Designers finished off their looks on the runways for the fall 2012 season with hats. With the incoming menswear trend and a return to more structured, polished dressing, it is no wonder that the traditional accessory known as the “Hat” has returned to the forefront of fashion. The question is, will hats make it from the runway to the streets?

Hats have been popping up on the streets, even before the fall season has officially kicked off. Fashionistas have been spotted wearing men’s hats, floppy sun hats and the occasional fascinator is still being spotted on the head of the utterly fashionable.

While hats are currently being favored by the more daring, style-setter types, it should be interesting to see if more understated Fashionistas take to the trend and treat hats as just another accessory to finish off an ensemble. Or, will the hat become a fleeting trend left in the trunk of cars as women decide they are more annoying than chic? Only time will tell, as for right now, it’s hats on ladies 


Photo courtesy of Pantone

Summer hats for summer 2012

Summer is here and one of the main things every Fashionista will need this warm weather season is a hat! Hats serve many purposes during the hot weather season. First, hats can help block the sun from hitting your face. There are even hats on the market, such as the wide brimmed hats from San Diego Hat Company, which offer SPF protection. This is a fabulous feature from a hat since it not only allows you to look fashionable and fabulous, but it also protects your skin. Love that!

Hats are also a fun way to express your personal style while lounging poolside, building sandcastles on the beach or listening to your favorite band play in a wide open outdoor venue. Wide brimmed hats are also great on warm summer days while strolling outdoor shopping centers, going to the park and for any outdoor activity you can think of; except maybe marathon running 

Since color is all the rage this season, hat shopping for summer 2012 is fun and playful. You can find a wide brimmed hat in any color you want. Hats are being shown in full color as well as natural color with a pop of color on the trim. This allows you many options for the summer season. Do you feel like having one bright hat? Want to add color in an understated way with only the trim reflecting a bright or pastel hue? The choice is yours!

We found a few fabulous summer hats for the summer 2012 season around the web and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, stay fabulous and enjoy the sun!