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Fall 2023 nail polish trends

fall 2023 nail polish trends

Fall 2023 nail polish trends from top left: Chanel Bois Des Iles / Dior Osee / Dior Rouge Atelier / Chanel Ete Indien /

The fall season is bringing us a continuation of classic nail polish colors and chic, timeless style. Love that!

Nail polish colors for fall 2023 are being shown by designers in dark, deep red hues as well as brownish-reds. We are seeing nail color with understated sparkles as well as classic cream polishes. In addition to dark reds and reddish-browns, nail polish for fall is also being shown in shades of orange. The orange color trend is also hitting apparel. If dark red, reddish-brown, or shades of orange are not your cup of tea, we are also seeing classic ballerina pink, and sheer hues such as Osee from Dior for the fall season.

The beige hues from last spring are being shelved for fall in favor of either color, or pale hues. If you are finding yourself favoring the pastel trend in apparel instead of traditional autumn hues, then ballerina pink or Osee from Dior might be your go-to nail polish for the fall season.

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What is your favorite fall nail polish color this 2023 season? Dior Rouge Atelier is my favorite followed by Chanel Bois Des Iles.

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