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BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: black shoulder bag / star necklace (under $100, use code CathyO-20 to save 20%) / Chanel nail polish / Dior spring nail polish / spring sweater / straight jeans (on sale, under $50) / silver bracelet ( use code CathyO-20 to save 20%) / green handbag / black classic satchel / ivory moon shaped bag / lug sole boots /

Can you believe it is already the end of February? Where did this month go? Mother nature gave us a few spring-like days in February, but now the weather is back to freezing: despite the beautiful blossoms on display all over town. I love seeing the Cherry Blossoms, pear trees, and magnolias in full bloom. The camelias bloomed late this year, so they are still putting on a show, making it a beautiful sight around Silicon Valley, this almost-spring season!

Looking at all these blossoms as I drive around, bundled up in my coat, makes me dream of the spring season. Therefore, I am making sure my closet is ready for the day when 70 degrees hits again!

This spring we are looking at straight leg jeans, flare jeans, and wide legs jeans for casual days. For office attire, look for straight trousers, and wide leg trousers. Skirt lengths are above the knee for structured looks, and for flowing looks, it’s all about the maxi.

Of course, when it comes to handbags, small or medium satchels, shoulder bags, and hobo bags are still hotter than hot. Shoes are trending towards a square toe, and street sneakers are still a thing.

The overall vibe this spring, as well as throughout 2023, is classic, investment style dressing. When it comes to jewelry, look for classic, thoughtful pieces. I am in love with these silver pieces from Lois Hill Jewelry right now. They are timeless and can be layered or worn alone. Lois Hill Jewelry looks fabulous with office attire and casual looks, as well as going out ensembles. I love them so much, they gave me a coupon code to share with you. You can use code CathyO-20 to save 20% on your purchase on their website! Love that!

Stay tuned! My spring 2023 trend report will come out soon!

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What are you looking forward to this upcoming spring season?

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